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Saying Yes
Saying Yes

Saying YES to one thing is saying NO to another.  This is my YES list.  It’s easy to forget these things, so my simple advice for you today is make it hard to forget what matters.  This is also my computer desktop.  I have a print of it on my wall and have a mini version for my purse.  When I lose sight of what matters, I have to remind myself of my core. It’s so easy to forget our purpose and get lost in the “stuff” of life, right?  Saying YES to what truly matters makes life simple.  Clear.  Focused.  The “hard decisions” get easier.  But, you have to make decisions.  Saying YES means making a decision to say NO to whatever keeps you from what matters.  What are you saying YES to?   – Lara

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Start Small.

Don't Be Afraid to Fail
Trying can sometimes mean the tiniest action.  Start now.  Start small.  Physically actionable steps.  Do-able realistic baby steps today.  Right now.  That’s all it takes to begin sometimes.  Start by evaluating where you are.  MTH check-in time!

  • What have you made happen in the last few months/weeks? (Big or small, because the “small” stuff sometimes is more important than our biggest achievements!)
  • What are you trying to make happen next?
  • Best advice for others trying to make things happen:
  • What motivates you the most?

Sound off!  Post your answers here.  You know you owe it to yourself to TRY.  No more excuses.  Progress, not perfection.  Get on it!

– Lara

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Stop wishing you were living someone else’s life. Stop looking over at the grass that you think is greener on their side. When we compare or often dream about being somewhere else and doing something else, we think we are being productive. Sometimes we even think we are inspired. But what really are you doing? 

You aren’t living in the present. You aren’t being grateful for where you are now. Who you are with now. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I think we can be inspired by others lives and their successes. But instead of envying their lives (which typically leads to paralyzation thinking we could never do that) and just drooling over their circumstances. 

Let’s try this exercise. Instead of putting “Successful Suzy” on a pedestal  

Ask yourself these questions.

  • What about Suzy’s life I you admire?
  • What about her circumstance is attractive?
  • What is my heart really saying when I want to be like her?

Honestly, I think we can become paralyzed by wanting what others have. We want more money, a bigger car, to be our own boss. Sometime those things are out of reach at this moment, so we just give up. Think we are not good enough. 

I challenge you to get deeper with this. Why do you want more money? What is your heart really asking for? Reasons could be to have less stress. To be able to give more. To be able to feel secure. Now these are things that you CAN do something about, right NOW. 

Take steps towards less stress in other areas, maybe look at your budget and see if you can give or donate your time. These are just a couple of examples. 

You want to be your own boss so that you can be creative. Be creative right now in your current circumstances, don’t wait. Yes you might not have a 100 hours a week to work on creativity, but isn’t 1 hour after work better than none. 

Take it one step further and get to the core of where your yearning is coming from, it might just surprise you. 


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Life is Too Short
Life is too short

Hi.  How are you?  Busy, overwhelmed, tired, overwhelmed?  Did I say OVERWHELMED twice?  Why, yes I did.  I get it.  I have so been there and am there a lot.  Do that thing that has been weighing you down.  That thing you have been putting off out of fear.  Or laziness.  One of the two.  That thing you know you need to do for all the right reasons.  Do it.  Yes, you.  Do that thing today.  What are you waiting for?  Someone to push you off the cliff?  No one is going to do it for you.  You have to take action on what you really want.  Physical action, not just thinking about it.  There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – Beverly Sills  Plain and simple:  If you want to make things happen, take the reins and make it happen.   – Lara

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