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See You Soon, March Attendees!

Right now, we’re packing up our swag items, confirming our schedule with our encouragers, and preparing our hearts to meet dozens of you in just one short week! We can’t wait to uncover goals with you and cheer you on in our two days together.

Encouragement Crew
Making MTH Happen
Photos by Carrie Joy Photography. Our Encouragement Crew can’t wait to hug you!

A couple of reminders before we see you:

Safe travels, friends!!

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5 Things to Know about the MTH Experience

MTH Phone Free
Image by Carrie Joy Photography.

1. It’s phone-free. Yes, you read that right! Before you enter the conference room, we’ll ask you to turn off your phones and leave them in our care. We firmly believe this time is yours to dig deep, get honest, and leave distractions behind. So many of our attendees leave the conference not wanting to turn their phones back on! We offer an emergency number for baby sitters, spouses, and anyone else who might need to get in immediate contact with you so that you can get the most out of your two days with us.

MTH Breakout groups
Image by Robyn Van Dyke Photography.

2. We give you time to think. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But we think this is a game-changer. Instead of spending two days presenting ideas to you, we want you to participate in the process. We’ll lead you through powerful prompts and activities so that you do the work with us, not after you get home. Throughout the two days, we’ll take focused breaks instead of distracted ones — giving you time to journal your thoughts.

MTH Community
Image by Carrie Joy Photography.

3. You’ll want to leave the heels at home… Get comfy ladies. You’re likely to kick off whatever shoes you’re wearing to curl them up beneath you and your hair is likely to get thrown into a ponytail before the end of the day. MTH isn’t about impressing anyone. It’s about coming as you are to do real and powerful work.

MTH Fireside Chats
Image by Carrie Joy Photography.

4. …And bring your comfiest pajamas. One of our favorite parts of MTH is our fireside chats on Monday and Tuesday evening! Our Chief Encouragement Officer, Kristin, and one of our speakers, Carrie, host these casual nighttime chats to unwind after conference days and process any thoughts that came to light.

MTH Community
Image by Robyn Van Dyke Photography.

5. We want you to get in community. You’ll be assigned to a small breakout group that’s full of people who are similar to you and want to make similar things happen. We think this is a great way to get more intimate time together, and to create new friendships that reflect your priorities and practice MTH principles. Additionally, you’ll get an accountability partner to follow up with after the intensive, ensuring a new friendship and some extra encouragement on your action list! Finally, while there’s little socializing during the conference, we encourage everyone to get dinner and breakfast together, talk during Fireside Chats, and spend our last hour of the conference getting to know each other!

Want to know more about MTH? Explore our gallery, read our FAQ, and scroll through our hashtag #MTHConference!

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4 Products We Use at Making Things Happen

We like to approach MTH like we would treat coffee at your best friend’s house — come as you are, no frills, no expectations except for great connections and heart time. We provide each of our attendees with exactly what they’ll need, plus a few fun surprises that we think help them get back to what matters most and enjoy their time with us.

You can find most of these surprises in the Making Things Happen Shop!

Making Things Happen Tumbler
The Make It Happen Tumbler
This is one of our attendees favorite gifts from the conference! Part of being able to do what matters most means taking care of yourself and keeping yourself healthy. We love that these fun tumblers keep us hydrated — whether it’s with tea, fruit infusions, or just ice cold water — so we’re never held back by headaches or fatigue.

Making Things Happen Mug
The Make It Happen Mug
How you start your day can determine how the rest of your day goes. We love filling this mug with coffee or tea first thing in the morning to get us pumped for the next eight hours.

Making Things Happen Lunch Bag
The Make It Happen Lunch Bag
Work smarter, not harder! There is always time for a lunch break. This insulated and bright lunch bag will remind you to take a break in the middle of the day so you can come back to work refueled and reenergized.

Making Things Happen Pashmina
The Make It Happen Pashmina
We are all about comfort! These soft pashminas get used all day at the conference to keep us warm, but we break them out regularly for cold offices and cold weather.

Find all of these items and more in the Making Things Happen Shop!

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Introducing our March 2016 Guest Speakers!

MTH Guest Speakers
In addition to our regular speaker lineup, we’re always honored to invite more women to contribute their stories and experiences to our conference schedule. This year, Carrie McQuaid of The Kindness Box and Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes are teaching us about making things happen through community and little by little steps. Carrie and Maghon are truly two of the most encouraging and thoughtful people we know, and touch on topics that are strike the cords in our heart. We’re thrilled for you to get to know them!

Carrie McQuaid

Carrie McQuaid

Carrie Grace lives in Durham, NC where she runs The Kindness Box, a monthly subscription of joy delivered straight to your doorstep. She also helps women grow their social media accounts to be more profitable. She believes in encouraging others to do the things that they love the most. She loves the color pink, cotton candy, and is a huge Taylor Swift fan.

What MTH class are you? MTH March 2014
What fires you up? My fired up list could go on forever and ever. A few things that fire me: the color pink, tossing confetti, and Taylor Swift dance parties. I love handwritten notes, bright happy pens, and the smell of summer rain. I also love sweet tea, frosting on cupcakes, and high-fiving people!
What was your favorite part of MTH? I love the community and the heartbeat of MTH. You can really tell that everyone wants you to succeed at whatever you are wanting to make happen. You walk away with so many cheerleaders and resources to really tackle your goals.
Was there anything that surprised you about your experience? I was surprised by how much it affected my life. I realized that I had developed a lot of small, bad habits that I was ultimately able to kick after attending MTH. It helped open my eyes to all the little things that I was missing that were making my days more complicated and thus, making me less productive overall.
What encouragement would you give to future attendees? Come with an open heart and open mind. It’s going to change your life in ways you would never imagine possible. But you have to be open to change and be willing to do hard work.
What’s your favorite place in Chapel Hill to go to dinner after MTH? I love Top of the Hill. I went there so many times in college so it holds really sweet memories for me.
What’s your favorite way to unwind from a busy day? I love to sit on the front porch, sip sweet tea, and count five things I’m grateful for.
What’s your love language? I love spending time with people so quality time with others is definitely my love language. I love long coffee dates just chatting about anything and everything with others. It fills me up to no end just to be around others.


All She Wrote Notes

Maghon Taylor

Maghon Taylor is the gal behind All She Wrote Notes, and a Carolina girl on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting. She believes in celebrating every day, and that beautiful handlettering shouldn’t be saved like china for special occasions. Maghon also loves love teaching calligraphy and sharing her skills and knowledge through her traveling calligraphy workshop program, Calligraphy Y’all.

What MTH class are you? March of 2014
What fires you up? Chris Taylor (my husband), sunshine, laughing, painted nails and brightly colored clothes, people who smile, God, encouraging others, a clean house, and a yummy smelling candle
What was your favorite part of MTH? I loved talking about your five essentials. They are tiny, little things, but they really do bring you more joy!
Was there anything that surprised you about your experience? I came to MTH expecting to learn about my business and how I could make it better, but I honestly dug deep and learned SO much about myself and how much I was in my own way. In turn, that had a tremendous effect on my business and it’s flourished ever since.
What encouragement would you give to future attendees? Show up and do the work. Let your guard down and be vulnerable. Do the writing assignments during MTH and save you notebooks, you will be amazed when you look back at them later.
What’s your favorite place in Chapel Hill to go to dinner after MTH? Crook’s Corner or Top of the Hill
What’s your favorite way to unwind from a busy day? I love swinging on my back porch. That is my favorite place in the whole house and I love getting outside (one of my 5 essentials) and taking a minute to myself.
What’s your love language? Handwritten notes!! Words of affirmation are technically my love language and my heart beats extra fast when someone takes the time to write them for me! I hold onto notes and re-read them over and over again.

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