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Everything Happens For A Reason
Everything Happens For a Reason

Over the past few weeks, unbenounced to me, my identity was being stolen.

I won’t bore you with the rigorous details of hours at the bank, on the phone with security people, researching shredders / locking mailboxes / and identity theft insurance. But I’m digging to find the reasons behind this mess. I fully believe God doesn’t allow ANYthing into our life without a lesson hidden somewhere within it. Perhaps I need to pay more attention to my finances. Perhaps I need to remember to lock my doors and not leave mail in my mailbox overnight. Perhaps I need to remember how important everyONE in my life is… and not everyTHING or everyDOLLAR. 

I don’t have any wonderful answers or life lessons yet to share from all of this. In fact, I’m still just pretty darn annoyed that it’s happening. But I’m thankful for a bank that is 100% dedicated to FIXING this problem. I’m thankful for my family and my husband and my son and the THINGS that really matter. I’m grateful this madness didn’t spread farther than just a few accounts. I’m grateful that it’s fixable. I’m grateful that I have the time to dedicate to fixing it. I’m grateful that God is bigger than thieves and deceit and my anger.

I’m grateful I had money in that account to be stolen. I’m grateful that even if I got none of it back, I still have all I need.

Perhaps I do have a life lesson to share here. : )



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Saying Yes
Saying Yes

Saying YES to one thing is saying NO to another.  This is my YES list.  It’s easy to forget these things, so my simple advice for you today is make it hard to forget what matters.  This is also my computer desktop.  I have a print of it on my wall and have a mini version for my purse.  When I lose sight of what matters, I have to remind myself of my core. It’s so easy to forget our purpose and get lost in the “stuff” of life, right?  Saying YES to what truly matters makes life simple.  Clear.  Focused.  The “hard decisions” get easier.  But, you have to make decisions.  Saying YES means making a decision to say NO to whatever keeps you from what matters.  What are you saying YES to?   – Lara

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Start Small.

Don't Be Afraid to Fail
Trying can sometimes mean the tiniest action.  Start now.  Start small.  Physically actionable steps.  Do-able realistic baby steps today.  Right now.  That’s all it takes to begin sometimes.  Start by evaluating where you are.  MTH check-in time!

  • What have you made happen in the last few months/weeks? (Big or small, because the “small” stuff sometimes is more important than our biggest achievements!)
  • What are you trying to make happen next?
  • Best advice for others trying to make things happen:
  • What motivates you the most?

Sound off!  Post your answers here.  You know you owe it to yourself to TRY.  No more excuses.  Progress, not perfection.  Get on it!

– Lara

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